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We design your dreams

Asala is a women owned business which works on graphic design and digital media We work to serve all of your graphic design needs by the hands of the best designers and salesmen. Our services include graphic design for branding and personal needs as well.

Working for You

In addition to helping your business look more professional, we can help you make a lasting impression on your customers with our expert team, identify the strengths of your business and shape them positively.

About Asala

Asala Designs is the culmination of a strong passion for design and a friendship that lasts for years. As business partners and friends, we built Asala because we share the same love for graphic design and the same vision for a company that highlights the potential for inspiration that graphic design has today. We believe that a creative design should integrate the personality, values, and emotions of the people that it represents. Our mission is to capture ideas through designs that couldn’t be expressed in words. Our team of graphic designers is determined to give your business a professional, modern, and desirable image in the eyes of your target audience.

We firmly believe we can serve you better by offering you outstanding services at unbeatable prices. Let us be your choice.


With our branding team you will be able to find your way of distinguishing yourself from your competitors. We will make your business the best choice.

Social Media Marketing

With our social media team will help you to create the best content, graphic posts and video post,cover page customized with different social media platforms to promote your products or services.

Graphic Designs

We can turn your ideas into videos, pictures, and sounds to enhance your values and embolden your messages. We can take your business's logo and bring it to life in an animation that encapsulates your company's identity.

Our Work

Among our clientele are startups, individuals, and large, established companies of all sizes. These are a few examples of the projects we’ve had the privilege of working on.

A diverse range of clients

With our clients, we have formed more than just business relationships; we have formed friendships. Take a look.

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We’d love to discuss your project or world-beating idea with you.
Alternatively, send through a request for a quotation, enquiry.


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We’d love to discuss your project or world-beating idea with you.
Alternatively, send through a request for a quotation, enquiry.